Importance of Baby Head Wraps and Baby Wraps

There are different kinds of baby wraps. There are Baby Head Wraps and then there are baby wraps. Baby Head Wraps are used to cover a baby’s head, provide warmth and can also be a fashion accessory. Baby wraps are used to carry a baby against the chest. They are cozy and also feel like swaddling to the baby. Below we discuss the advantages of baby wraps

Baby Wraps are Convenient

When parents use baby wraps, they provide a certain level of convenience. It means the parent has their hands free to do other things or carry other items. Baby wraps also provide the convenience of not having to use a baby car seat or a baby stroller. These items are bulky and stressful to carry around so if a baby can fit in a baby wrap comfortably, it’s a better option. Baby wraps are also convenient for breastfeeding. When the baby is wrapped against the mom’s chest, it is easier for her to breastfeed the baby. Baby wraps are great to use when traveling, or when parents are going to a busy area with a tiny baby as well as many other occasions.

Baby Wraps Make Babies Less Fussy

When babies are held in baby wraps, they are less fussy and cry less than when they are not being held. Being cradled so close to a parent mimics the womb-like conditions that babies are used to and so they feel more comfortable and more relaxed. when a baby cries all the time, they become stressed out and also crying causes stress for the parents too. When a baby cries less, he or she spends more time observing the environment, being happy and bonding with the parents and caregivers. Baby wraps also provide security to toddlers. Toddlers are a bit grown than babies and are more aware of their environment and outside stimulations. So sometimes they might feel overwhelmed and need to feel safe. Putting them in a baby wrap provides this security and emotional safety to the child. And don’t worry about size, baby wraps can stretch to accommodate bigger babies and there are also bigger sizes of baby wraps you can buy.


Baby Wraps are Good for Moms

Carrying a baby around in w baby wrap give moms even more time to bond with their babies and be close to them. It can also be good exercise for moms carrying the baby and going on walks or doing light chores around the house.

Baby Wraps Increase Parent Baby Communication

Baby wraps help parents communicate better with babies and understand their little cues and new mannerisms that the baby develops. Being in such close proximity to the baby helps the parent to get a sense of the baby’s need and so the baby does not need to cry to get attention. When the baby realizes this it just means more easy communication and increased trust and bonding between baby and parent. This mutual understanding and attachment is always a great thing for parents and makes taking care of and raising the baby so much easier. It also increases the communication between the baby and other adults. Being high up and eye level with the rest of the world means the baby makes more contact with adults, sees more of what’s going on and can learn even faster about the environment around them.

Baby Wraps are Cheap

Buying a baby wrap is a lot cheaper than buying a stroller or buying different kinds of strollers for different purposes. There are baby wraps in different price ranges that parents can buy and they can be used for a long time without wear and tear.

Baby Wraps Promote Physical Development

When a baby is wrapped against an adult constantly, they get a sense of the parents breathing, walking steps, hand movement, reflexes, and other physical responses. Because babies learn by observation, they tend to develop some of these physical abilities faster because they spend a lot of time observing them from close proximity. Touching and cuddling also helps babies grow faster and gain some healthy abilities and it also makes them feel good and happy.

How to Use a Baby Wrap

  • Using the label as a guide, place the middle part of the wrap around your tummy, with the ends behind you.
  • Bring the right-hand side of the wrap behind your back and over your left shoulder.
  • Do the same on the other side, making sure the fabric is spread out and not twisted.
  • The wrap should form a cross behind your back.
  • Now bring your baby over your shoulder, as if you are going to burp her. Lower her into the “belt” formed by the fabric in front of you. Your baby should be facing you.
  • Make sure her legs are wide apart and flexed. Spread the fabric from her thighs to her neck. The fabric should be tight enough to support her back.
  • Her bottom should be placed around your navel’s level, and you should be able to kiss her forehead.
  • Pull on the fabric on the left to tighten it. Bring it down along your baby’s back and under her right leg.
  • Do the same on the other side.
  • Tucking the fabric under your baby’s legs, bring the two ends behind your back, or on your hip, then tie.
  • Secure the wrap with a double knot.
  • You can roll a small towel and tuck it in the fold of the wrap under her neck to offer more head support. This is particularly useful for small babies, or when she falls asleep.