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Let's face it, at the beginning of January your favorite clothes aren't fitting right thanks to a few extra holiday/winter pounds. We know you've renewed your membership at the gym and mentally committed to going every day now that it's the New Year, so no need to stress the extra pounds, but this awkward time is when we are most vulnerable to a cheap clothing pick-me-up purchase.

Before you head to the store for a fast fashion wardrobe fix while you are slightly in-between sizes, read our top 5 tips below on how to get the most from your current wardrobe after gaining a few pounds.

Oh and don't be too hard on yourself, the holidays are meant to be enjoyed and we are all hiding lumps and bumps this time of year!

 1. Muffin Top
Slide an elastic hair band through the button hole of your pants, loop it back through itself and then hook the other end on to your button. Hey presto! Extended waist band without any alterations! Just make sure you wear a top long enough at the front to cover the elastic band and no one will ever know.

2. Let out the darts
Most garments are shaped using darts (darts are usually at the bust of a garment and are those neat little stitched folds of fabric). If you're finding your favorite blouse is a bit snug through the body, or your pants are a bit tight in the waist you can unpick the darts to give you a little extra room. When you lose the weight again you can just resew the darts for a firmer fit. If you're not sure how to do this yourself, take it to a tailor and they can do it super quickly and cheaply!

3. Layering
When your clothes are feeling a bit snug, get creative with layers and keep wearing all your favorite pieces.
Your favorite shirt doesn't quite do up around the bust anymore? Wear it open over a singlet or t-shirt.
That short skirt that looked a little bit better when your legs were thinner? Layer some sheer stockings or fun tights under it.
That Slip dress that now shows a few too many lumps and bumps? Tie a shirt around your waist to give it a 90's grunge feel or layer a long jacket over it for tailored chic look.

4. Wear the right underwear
One of the simplest tricks to extend the life of your wardrobe when you're a bit bigger than usual is simply wearing the right underwear. A good foundation garment (Spanx etc) can be the difference between a slight muffin top and a perfectly flat stomach, allowing you to look great in those high-waisted jeans for a few weeks more!
Wearing a minimizing bra can also help keep everything a bit flatter around the bust, meaning you can wear a top that was previously pulling across the bust until you drop those extra pounds.

5. Organize your wardrobe
This is a great task for the New Year whether you are sporting extra pounds or not. The old out of sight out of mind trick is a great one for sustainable styling.
Leaving unworn clothes hanging in your wardrobe for a long time, can lead to you get sick of looking at them. This usually leads to the "I have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear" shopping trip for an outfit you'll only wear once.
Pack away those piece that don't quite fit at the moment. When you do fit in to them again, dig them out and you won't be sick of looking at them so they'll feel fresh and fun again.