After an entire summer of wearing in your favorite denim shorts it can be especially difficult to give them up for fall. Although they are a great everyday little summer staple, they’re also the perfect transitional piece when worn with wintry pieces like tights and jackets.

 Layering is key while the weather shifts so try trading in the summer tank top for a vintage t-shirt and throw a bomber (perhaps stolen, ahem borrowed, from a boyfriend) over the top paired with a beanie and sneakers or flat boots to keep it casual. A long-sleeved blouse with closed in flats and a blazer is a chic day look. Or finally try throwing on your favorite sweater and pair with a belt, chunky heels and shorts socks for some height and warmth.

 Who says sandals are just for Summer? Rock them long into Fall and even Winter when paired with the right pieces.

 For lovers of tights with sandals, the more sheer the tight the more chic it will look with open-toe shoes and if your sandal is a different color to your tight, even better for keeping the look fresh. Don't be afraid of sheer or chunky socks under your sandals, play with color and texture to work with the rest of your outfit and pair with cropped pants or rolled up jeans and your favorite jacket or oversized sweater. The key for socks is to match your height to the thickness of your sock. For ladies who are height challenged, a chunky sock on the ankles is not going to do you any favors, opt for a sheer ankle sock instead. If you have long legs a thick, heavier sock will work well.

 Knee length or 3/4 skirts also pairs nicely with a short sock and sandal and either a sweater of cropped jacket on top. Make sure that the length of your skirt is not so long or wide that you start to look like a squat Grandma. A nicely tailored straight 3/4 skirt pairs perfectly with fun socks or tights and chunky heels.

Our love for slip dresses may have peaked right around the 90’s but they have made a fierce comeback the last few seasons and are unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon. Which is not something to be mad at given how comfortable and versatile they are, most of us do have a little slip dress lying around somewhere in our closets.

 For coziness and pure warmth this fall, pair your slip dress over a thin sweater or a turtleneck with closed in flats or a pair of boots to keep the look feeling like a 90's grunge throwback. Pair with sneakers for something a bit more fresh.

 A slip dress over a dress shirt are also a great combo. And If you are feeling adventurous, play with the proportions of your short underneath. You can find fun sleeve or neck details with a little hunting at your local thrift store. Opting for shirts that are sheer underneath can create a softer look.

Don't underestimate the power of a sweater thrown over a slip dress. It's simple, comfortable and looks great. And finally for extra polish, top any of these looks off with a blazer — you may even get a pass if your slip is actually a nighty. If you are feeling casual, just pair a moto jacket or a pop of denim over your slip dress.