Styling Tips For Denim This Winter

1. Cut up your old jeans. Trinity New York do an amazing job of re-working old jeans into new, unique garments. Take a leaf out of their book with your own jeans and experiment with turning your old jeans into a cropped top or a skirt. All you need is scissors, the more frayed the edges the better.

2. Go crazy with vintage! A good chunk of this shoot was styled using vintage or second-hand pieces. Check out your local Salvation Army, E-bay, Poshmark or The Real Real. Denim looks better as it ages and it's cheaper second time around.

3. Layer denim on denim. Try every shade and every shape. Experiment with layering a denim dress over your favorite jeans. Throw a turtleneck underneath for warmth.

4. Don't be afraid of printed denim like these Stella McCartney swan jeans. Winter dressing could do with something a little playful.

5. Invest in a faux fur or vintage coat in a statement color. Pastel colors suit most skin types and add color to a drab winter day.

6. Wear your pajamas in the day. Silk pajamas can do double duty when worn in the day with your favorite jeans.


Photography: Gabrielle Revere
Model: Kadijha Red Thunder
Fashion Director: Gisella Lemos
Stylist: Tchesmeni Leonard
Hair: Jordan M
Make Up: Robert Greene