Photography © P.i.C Style

Photography © P.i.C Style

 P.i.C Style, the brand started by long-time friends and London locals Sarah Booker and Rhoda Chan, solves so many of life's wardrobe problems. The entire collection is only 8 pieces but is designed as a capsule collection with such ingenuity that from those 8 pieces 50 unique outfits can be formed that work across most seasons (coat for winter sold separately).

 Not only is each piece beautiful on their own but the collection is produced locally in London using locally sourced,  sustainable, organic fabric. Their aesthetic combines ease and comfort with femininity and you would be hard pressed not to find something that works for your personal style.

We sat down to chat with the founders about how they managed to create an ethical, affordable, all-in-one wardrobe for us to enjoy.

Photography © P.i.C Style

Photography © P.i.C Style

What were each of you doing before launching PiC Style?
S: I've been working in the fashion industry ever since graduating over 10 years ago.
R: Head of design for a womenswear fashion supplier and decided to realize a dream – the pursuit of a positive collaboration and business venture later to be named P.i.C style.

How did you meet?
S: We met over 6 years ago through working for a high-street supplier, Rhoda was in design and I worked in Sales.
R: We worked together about 7 years ago and became great friends ever since.

How did you come up with the concept of P.i.C Style? Why was it so important to you to have an ethical/sustainable brand?
S: I think we both always knew that we wanted to do something ourselves but it had to be the right time and the right idea. We didn't just want to launch another fast fashion brand. We wanted to create a brand that was contemporary and ethical at the same time. Whilst it's important for us to raise awareness of the negative impact that the fashion industry has on the environment we also want to show people that buying organic and eco fashion doesn't mean compromising on style.
Creating our own conscious capsule wardrobe wasn't enough though, we wanted to create an online shop where you could find other ethical brands that put people and the planet first but don't compromise on style.
R: A passion to bring accessible, contemporary fashion but “doing it the right way”.  
Important!? Having been in the fashion industry with over two decades of experience – we believed that producing a brand and business could still be combined with sustainability and honestly, it is the way forward to a better future. Hence our tagline #FashionForTheFuture

What does P.i.C stand for, what does it mean to you?
S: P.i.C itself stands for Partners In Crime!
Partners in crime is really a bit of an ironic statement as we are actually rebelling to do fashion 'the right way'. On our journey to do this we will also be partnering up with some other awesome ethical brands which will be launching on our website early September.
R: Partners-in-Crime.  Partners are synonymous to us being Partners but also to the like-minded contemporary Partner brands who build the rest of the P.i.C style wardrobe.

What were the major challenges you faced in getting the label off the ground?
S: There are many challenges but one of then always seems to be time - we never have enough! I suppose we could have given ourselves longer to launch the brand but then that wouldn't have been a challenge! We managed to launch within 7 months!
R: Finance, time and exposure have been and still are major challenges.  But we must say, the amount of support from family, friends and the sustainable community have been overwhelming.

Can you tell us a bit more about the concept of a Capsule Collection both in a way of shopping and dressing and what it is that inspired you to design with this in mind?
S: A capsule wardrobe is a contemporary and minimalist response to consumerism and fast fashion. It is a response to feeling like you own so much but never have anything to actually wear! Basically it allows you to buy less items each season but what you do invest in is higher quality and made to last longer. The clothes in your capsule wardrobe should be interchangeable and able to mix and match to create multiple outfits. Our P.i.C collection is made up of 8 items but these can be mixed and matched to makeover 50 outfits! Perfect for a week away when you only have hand luggage.
R: A desirable contemporary wardrobe which is locally sourced and made in London.  P.i.C draw inspiration from Scandi minimalism along with effortless cool vibes from home-turf.  P.i.C is a problem solver to most girls' daily dilemmas and hand luggage packing!  We wanted to create a capsule collection which offered versatility and numerous combinations with 8 go-to staple items that would take you from day to night.  Accessibility is key as we believe you must love what you buy before you buy it and then, isn’t it just great that it is also made from organic fabrics and supporting sustainable fashion.

How has your personal experience in the fashion industry led you to embrace capsule dressing?
S: We have been seeing the trends before they hit the stores for over 10 years working in the fashion industry. Sometimes even working 2 seasons ahead so you do become a bit lost with that you 'should be wearing'. mentality This definitely led me to embrace a capsule wardrobe, I think 90% of my clothes are black, grey, white or denim and i love that!
R: Yes, we guess it has.  London especially is a fast paced culture with a 'go,go,go' lifestyle and getting out of that door on time for work always seems tight when you just have to keep re-thinking that outfit!  Capsule dressing allows a more stress-free approach.

Photography © P.i.C Style

Photography © P.i.C Style

What are some of the brands you'll be collaborating with?
S: We are collaborating with brands that sit along side and compliment the P.i.C capsule wardrobe. We liked the idea that you could not only buy clothes for your capsule wardrobe from P.i.C style but also shoes, bags, jewellery and denim.
We have the awesome vegan brand Matt&Nat amongst others for shoes and bags as well as Mirabelle for their gorgeous spiritual crystal handmade jewellery.
R: We are so excited our partner brands are on board from 5th September this year.  We have denim brand Mud Jeans and Monkee Genes, jewellery brands MVDT and Mirabelle, bags from Maravilla-bags and Matt&Nat, shoes from Werner and Matt&Nat, along with Cossac, Lanius and Suite 13.

For someone who is a shop-a-holic or trend-a-holic, what advice would you give for reconsidering the way that they approach purchases?
S: Firstly i wouldn't buy into trends so much, learn what suits your body shape and consider how much you would actually wear something before you buy it...i'm still learning how to do this!
R: Love it but take a moment and think about the next few questions:
a)      Why is it this price?
b)      Is it quality – will it last?
c)      Will I still love this next year or longer?
What are each of your top 3 tips as, industry insiders, for discovering and feeling confident in your personal style?
S: Only buy what you really love and feel good in.
Don't follow and buy into trends just for the sake of it.
Invest in quality, it'll last longer!
R: 1)Understated chic 2)Positive thoughts 3)Know you are doing better for you, others and the planet
These should bring a spring to your step!

Where do you each see yourselves in 10 years time?
S: Gosh, i never look that far ahead! I would just hope to be still doing what makes me happy and maybe having a few more holidays
R: We would love to have P.i.C style branched out worldwide with concept hubs to create the ultimate experience.  We want you P.i.C’s out there to join us and rebel for Fashion For The Future.

What's your fashion guilty pleasure?
S: Wearing my active wear all day long...even if i didn't quite make it to yoga!
R: It's totally not cool, but so so comfortable. Guiltily in love with my onesie - ha ha.