I don't know about you, but every year when winter rears it's ugly, freezing head, I'm taken completely by surprise (it's probably more denial than surprise) and find myself in a panic about how to dress in a way that looks good and is also warm. It's as though the cold weather temporarily freezes the part of my brain responsible for styling. I'm ashamed to admit it, but no matter how mindful I aim to be when it comes to clothing, when faced with a serious styling crisis I still have the knee-jerk thought that I need to jump online and order an entirely new wardrobe.

If this sounds like you I have good news. You don't need to restock your entire wardrobe to beat the winter blues. In fact, you definitely shouldn't, three basic items, that you probably already own, are all you need to survive winter and look great.

And if you don't own all of these basics, or you need an upgrade, there are plenty of beautiful sustainable brands that have you covered. These are listed below as well.

Scroll down to check out the three basics that can carry you stylishly through winter, feel free to wear one or all every day for the next few months:

1. The Turtleneck

The turtleneck might just be the holy grail of winter dressing. You can, and should, layer a turtleneck under everything. And I mean, everything. Turtleneck's are chic. They are warm. They make your neck look skinnier and longer than it is. They are magical. You can wear it under a button down shirt, under a day dress, under a slip dress, under a crew neck sweater ... under everything. My favorite sustainable turtlenecks can be found here, here and here.

2. Socks and Tights

Socks and tights are an inexpensive styling secret weapon. They can both be worn with a dress and your favorite summer sandals, under cropped pants to keep your ankles warm while adding some color to your outfit and they can be worn over each other (preferably socks over the tights). What's more, new organic and sustainable sock brands are popping up all over the place. Don't be afraid to experiment with a pair of bright tights or socks with sandals this winter. Steal socks from you boyfriend/husband/room mate to switch up styles. Or, for the best organic socks and tights check out here, here and here.

3. Jeans

Ok, I know this doesn't seem like a styling secret weapon, it's cold weather wear 101 but there is more than one way to wear your jeans. Playing with the styling and layering of your jeans is a quick and easy way to keep your look feeling fresh in the winter without having to buy anything. Layer them under a dress when you are completely bored of wearing your favorite jeans with a sweater everyday. If you're not afraid of scissors, you can even turn old jeans that you are ready to retire into a skirt and style it with a turtleneck, tights and socks to create a new Winter look. See how these three cheats are really all you need to survive winter... Our favorite jeans are available here, here and here.