What inspired this fashion shoot?
I started out really focusing on traditionally summer dresses, and on how to style them as the weather got a little cooler. Soon I was looking at slips, lace, lingerie - all the way - to coats. Laura had been to Buttermilk Falls, she thought it was perfect for the shoot and before you knew it we were off in a van at five in the morning ready to bring the story to life.

Where was it photographed?
This story was photographed at a beautiful place Laura had recently visited called Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa. It is a fantastic example of sustainability meeting luxury offering stunning grounds, well appointed rooms and a gorgeous spa. They embrace sound environmental practices from eco-friendly building to sustainable food practices and are adjacent to an animal rescue farm. It was an amazing place to spend the day shooting!

What was your thought process when selecting the clothing?
My process for this shoot was looking at what dresses were out in our ethical fashion market and narrowing it down to the ones I felt were the best. I imagined other women searching for something new for their closet that would have longevity and that they would enjoy wearing. It has really been all about slip dresses lately so naturally that lead us to look at 90’s and all the way to the 80’s. Dresses obviously can feel quite feminine and lady like but we wanted to capture another mood for this. We knew we didn't want to be too tough, so it was important to keep a balance of strong and pretty.

How would you wear these dresses in real life?
I personally love the length of these dresses as they are a comfortable to wear and flattering on most body types. They are easy to layer as you can wear thin sweaters, turtlenecks underneath or coats and jackets over it. Love pairing them with a tougher shoe and I like the chunkiness of the boot to balance off the sweetness of the dresses. Most importantly I like that the dresses we chose can be worn in the daytime if styled with casual pieces and then dressed up for the evening if you would like. People seem to have less and less time so it’s practical to avoid changing your whole outfit. It's all about incorporating your accessories to pull into day or night. Sneakers are great too and I particularly like the low fi options like my old Converses, Vans and the sustainable brand Veja.

What is your favorite coat in the story?
I’d have to say the grey Stella McCartney coat. These days I’m all about being practical and getting the most wears out of clothes so I’d pick this one because Stella has great tailoring which is important when you want your coats to last and not lose its shape. The style and color are quite classic so I’m pretty sure I’d wear it forever. I will say however that being practical did not keep me from falling in love with the faux fur ball bag we shot, also designed by Stella McCartney.

Which leads me to ask about the fur...
We only use faux fur at The L&J Files and we avoid acrylic as it's not so great for the environment. I will add, that if you end up buying a faux fur coat, look for natural fibers, which I admit can be a bit challenging.The Cienne coat we used is made from wool which of course is made from natural fibers.  Finally, be honest with yourself about how often you’ll wear it. It can be a big investment piece, so be sure you can wear it for many years to come!

Tell us about the jewelry in these pictures
We only used four brands: Tejen, Shashi, Bluma Project, Indigo Africa which are all very ethical artisanal jewelry and make them that more special. The two later ones seek to empower women in countries like India, Peru Guatemala, Rwanda and Ghana. As for styling them: It’s okay to mix metals just make sure there is more than one piece in a different metallic shade. ie. Three gold rings with two silver ones as opposed to just one. Wearing similar styles as we did here creates some harmony but another tip is to stack one of your fingers and skip the other giving it some negative space. Necklaces look better when they are in different lengths and and have enough space in between them. Don’t be too fussy about mixing the pieces you have either. There aren’t much rules, so go along with your instinct when mixing styles. Be serious about sourcing your jewelry but have fun when you're stacking them!

Photography: Laura Jones
Styling: Gisella Lemos
Model: Eve Moraes @ Marilyn
Make-Up: Carlo Longo
Hair: Laura De Leon
Photo Assistant: Christopher Macoidh
Styling Assistant: Nia Edwards
Special Thanks to: Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa